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 Dried timbers choosen for making wooden windows are laminated in special wood lamination presses in a way that their fiber structure is placed reverse to each other, so they don't split from one another in the future.
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MAS?FPENCERE, the producer of modern wooden windows in Turkey gives life to wood by processing the laminated wooden blocks in full automatic, computer controlling machines.
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MAS?FPENCERE presents its variety of woodwork windows and doors to your liking in your choice of colours.
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Window, it would best be window,
You could at least see the passing birds,
Instead of four walls.

rhan Veli (Turkish poet)
MAS?FPENCERE shapes the places you want to be with its difference and quality of products. For now, we're only in Turkey...
Because of lacking technological basis and they cannot make mass production, the people producing woodwork so far cannot serve people's needs properly. As a result, wooden windows and doors have gone down in value and people have oriented themselves to other chocies. Now, MAS?FPENCERE invites you back to the 'natural'! We treat wood with the best technology available and meet your need of wooden windows and doors.
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